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BECYCLE: The Most Beautiful Routes in Cycle Tourism
Edition 2024
Cycling and bicycles are more than just competitive sports and major international races. They represent design and innovative, user-friendly technology, embodying diverse lifestyles and types of tourism that are more active and closer to nature, new approaches to urban mobility, and fresh perspectives on well-being and community. BECYCLE was created to showcase and explore the entire world of cycling!

Within the exhibition itinerary at the Stazione Leopolda, alongside the exhibiting spaces for companies and their products, we'll find showcases from Italian Regions and national and international entities dedicated to promoting the most scenic cycling and sports routes and their related destinations. The presentation lineup—held over three days in two arenas set up for the event—will feature a mix of sports champions and advocates, experts in experience marketing and the bike economy, leaders from global organizations focused on smart cities and sustainable mobility, and specialists discussing European policies on transportation and cycling safety, as well as the latest in materials and technologies.

BECYCLE explores the bicycle in all forms, as an innovative and sustainable approach to living and traveling. Cycle tourism, too, is a competitive endeavor, but it's a competition with fellow riders—or even more fundamentally, with oneself. It's about exploration, discovery, sharing, and connection, fully experiencing the places you ride through with all your senses. Moreover, cycling embodies responsibility, sustainability, and safety, whether navigating urban environments or embarking on experiential journeys.

At BECYCLE, Italian and international destinations come together, sharing their collective passion for welcoming cycling tourists. Smart cities, both local and global, will showcase their best practices in sustainable mobility, from Paris to Bologna. Join the world's most popular cycle travelers on journeys as far as Patagonia while ultra cyclists share their most extreme adventures. We'll also engage with the authors of the European Cycling Declaration to discuss what the future holds. Plus, we'll delve into the latest trends—from gravel biking to bike trails, from historic cycles as a cultural phenomenon to the ever-increasing range of women-focused offerings—always connecting with the enthusiasts and experts of the cycling world.

Join us at BECYCLE to come together and create new stories.