Talks on stage:
Paola Gianotti
Edition 2024
Place of the event
Date of the event
28.06.2024 11:45
Paola Gianotti is an endurance cyclist who demonstrates that there are no limits to bold dreams. She is also a motivational speaker who ignites people's spirits, a business coach who transforms challenges into opportunities, an activist who fights for a more sustainable and safer world for cyclists, and a writer who shares stories of success and inspiration.
She has achieved four Guinness World Records, including the title of the fastest woman to circumnavigate the globe by bike in 144 days. In 2015, she was the only woman to participate in the grueling ultracycling race from Moscow to Vladivostok, showing unwavering determination.
In 2016, she crossed all 48 US states in as many days, combining the feat with a solidarity campaign for Africa. In 2017, she broke another world record by crossing Japan in nine days, continuing her commitment to charitable work.
In 2019, she completed her second Giro d'Italia, promoting, together with Marco Cavorso, a bill for the safe passing of cyclists at a minimum distance of one and a half meters. In 2023, she crossed Mato Grosso in Brazil to raise environmental awareness, and in 2024, she cycled from Helsinki to Paris to promote sustainable mobility.