Talks on stage:
Virginia Cancellieri
Edition 2024
Place of the event
Date of the event
27.06.2024 16:25
Virginia Cancellieri's sports story is a powerful example of the determination of our times, where one can explore the world to pursue and achieve their dreams, driven by a passion for challenges. A multifaceted and versatile athlete, she excels in various disciplines, including mountain biking, fixed-gear racing, gravel biking, and surfing. She tackles every challenge with contagious enthusiasm, aiming to achieve her goals and inspire other young women. Her dedication and adventurous spirit show that with passion and commitment, anything is possible.

A background in Fine Arts and a family-grown passion for cycling give her a unique perspective and creativity that enrich her sporting approach. Virginia manages to blend art with sports, finding inspiration in everyday experiences and the landscapes she traverses, turning each ride into a captivating story to share with her social media community. Every bike ride becomes a moving work of art because the culture of cycling is expressed through everyday gestures lived with a desire to engage.

Her participation in BECYCLE further amplifies the message: cycling is the ultimate expression of freedom.